The Answer Man

Thanks for all the great comments and questions. I’m diving right in to answer all the ones I can. 
How I made the transition to the outfield and what’s my favorite part about playing outfield:
I had never played outfield at all until I was with Tampa Bay and they needed me to switch in ’06. I had always played the infield, but I thought, ‘How hard could it be?’ I gave it a shot in spring training and played there all season. The biggest adjustment is you have to do a lot more running, so you have be in better cardiovascular shape than if you’re playing first base. 
My favorite part about playing outfield is you have a lot more interaction with the fans. You can have a lot of fun messing with them, especially on the road. My favorite fans to mess with are – who else? – Dodger fans. 
On whether the loud cheering when I’m up to bat interferes with my concentration:
Late in a game when the crowd’s really into it and you’ve got the adrenaline pumping a little more than usual, you can caught up in all that and get too aggressive at the plate. You have to step out, take a deep breath and just remind yourself to relax. But believe me, you hear the crow. Any guy who says he can block it out completely is lying to you.
Whether I like batting third or fourth in the lineup:
If I had to choose, I’d have to say third because you’re going to get to hit in the first inning. 
On joking about being “sneaky-ripped”:
When I was with Baltimore, Kevin Millar and I would joke about which one of us had the worst body. I played DH and first base, so I was chunkier then. Last off-season, knowing I was coming to San Francisco and the National League, I lost 15, 20 pounds with a personal trainer three times a week and cardio on my own twice a week. And I changed the way I eat. I used to eat all kinds of crap. Now I’m really careful about what I put into my body. So I joke about my sneaky-ripped body mostly to let Kevin Millar over there at MLB Network know I’m no longer as fat as he is. 
What I think of San Francisco weather:
I’m a Texas boy who played for years in Tampa. I’m a warm-weather guy. So to be really honest, the weather here sucks. Day games are gorgeous. You can’t find a better place to play baseball than a day game here. You wish you could play all day games at home. But night games are tough. It’s freezing. But it’s definitely home field advantage for us because a lot of teams come in here and hate it. We get kind of used to it but it’s still pretty chilly out there. 
What my expectations were when I signed with Giants:
I’ve got to be honest. I knew the dimensions of the field here – which means I knew this is where the long ball comes to die. And with the down year I had last year, I didn’t know what to expect. Yet I found myself in the first month of the season swinging for the fences. I’d swing so hard, I’d jam myself up.  So I stopped trying to hit home runs. Sure enough, I started hitting them. I just starting taking a nice, easy swing and letting the pitcher provide the power. It’s amazing that no matter how long you play ball, you still have to keep relearning the same lessons. If you just put the head of the bat out there and let the pitcher supply all the power, you’re going to hit it a long way. I always have high expectations for myself every season, but I never put a number on it. But the truth is I’m a little bit over what I thought I’d be.
Why the Giants seem to have so much energy in the dugout compared to other teams:
I think that happens when you’re winning. When you’re winning, it’s a lot easier for people to have fun. I’ve never been a part of something this fun. I was always in the other dugout with my head down waiting for the nine innings to be over. It also helps that everybody is just so free-spirited here. Brian Wilson’s a rock star out there. Tim Lincecum looks like he plays for the Beatles. There’s a good mix of veteran guys and young guys. I think that’s what you want to have. This staff is awesome, too. I’ve never seen a better staff in my life. 
If I still throw a knuckleball between innings:
I’d do that on the last throw when I was playing the infield. But I’m an outfielder now, and it takes a bit more of a toll on the arm, I so I quit.
What the attitude of the Giants is like:
We show up every day knowing we have a good chance to win.
How I get pumped up before the game:
At around 6:15 before a night game, I put the headphones on to old-school metal rock like Metallica and ride the bike for about 10 minutes. Then I do one lift with each muscle group. Then it’s go out there and see the ball, hit the ball. 
Wow, you people have a lot of questions . . . 
Got to put the headphones on and head for the bike . . . 


  1. pepperbeach651

    Hi Aubrey!
    We all love your blog. Thanks for answering our questions. Who are some of your best friends on the team? Who do you like to hang out with?
    PS Who thought of your nickname “Huff Daddy”? Do you like it?

  2. kate916

    Hey Aubs, it’s been great having you on the team this season! I have also enjoyed your blog so far. Being a Giants fan these past few weeks sure has been fun, everyone has been playing spectacularly! So what Metallica? Master of Puppets?


    I’d just like to say what a great player I think you are. Thanks so much for joining the Giants… you are very much appreciated.

    I’d like to know how you and your wife like living in San Francisco. Also, what did you major in at the University of Miami?


    Aubrey Huff! What a great blog—thanks for being so responsive to your fans! Love how you started the dog pile on Andre Torres at the end of the game tonight. Quite the win!

    My pre-game song suggestion: “Miracles” by Insane Clown Posse. Enjoy!

  5. misslindseycait

    Hey, Huff Daddy(: I’m 14 and you’re one of my absolute favorites. Love your sense of humor. I think you’re HILARIOUS.
    My question: Is it true you have Transformer tattoos?
    If so, that is the most awesomest thing I’ve EVER heard. Stay hot, kid. Go giants!

  6. bazboy

    Huff Daddy,

    Really admire the fact that you’ve been taking the time to answer every question you’ve been asked! Somehow I feel you’ve dug yourself into a “Giant” hole though but it’s great reading your responses! Love watching you play and carry the offense in the third spot everyday and really enjoying your blog, keep it up. What do you think of Brian Wilson’s shoes (the fact that he got fined seems wrong?), do you think you could pull them off and if so would you consider wearing them or should we just force the team to wear them?


    Great game man. I was praying for ya that whole game. the last hit!!! SO CLOSE!!! ahhhhgh it woulda been the perfect ending. but you came through AGAIN in the first. you are the man end of story. 2-3 with an rbi and 2 runs scored. a good pace all year long. Keep it up man. I’ll be seeing ya play on the 29th so bring your A game and knock em dead. As for an actual question?….hmmm how long were you in the minors before you started thinking “I have a real chance at this!”


    Mr Huff, it’s been a riot watching you play. I haven’t been into baseball for some time, but this Giants team has brought me back, and you’ve been a huge part of it. Thank you for kicking *** for the Giants.

    The obligatory question – did you give Andres Torres his shoe back, or make him look for it? πŸ˜€


    First off, you don’t need an editor.. I mean you do, but it’s pretty awesome knowing that’s actually you typing and not some ghost writer. So screw an editor.

    You didn’t even ask for it but I want to set you up with this one: How do the Giants fan and crowd compare to others around you played on? Both on and off the field…

    Give it to me uncut Huff!


    Mr Huff!

    It’s been an absolute joy as a Giants fan to see you here in San Francisco!

    What sparked you to start a blog? It’s great to see players’ blogs because it’s so rare we get to hear the insights from the players we watch every week but hardly ever hear from.
    And after seeing your plaid purple pants on Bengie’s blog at the start of the season, I knew you’d be a character. Keep the dugout fresh! Have fun playing LA this weekend! We’ll be watching.

  11. westcoastgirl

    Great blog! Love all the answers. It’s nice to actually hear from you guys and see how the Giants are put together!

    What’s one of your best stories of messing with a Dodgers fan?

  12. bittybee

    Mr. Huff – you are so very appreciated by us Giants fans! You are a big part of this team being better this year.

  13. vegasgrl

    Huff Daddy! I am so glad you are w/ the Giants & that you have a blog! I hope you guys up in San Francisco keep winning & see October this year! I don?t really have a question in mind except for who?s your favorite teammate? πŸ™‚ Hope to hear from you soon! & good luck this weekend, BEAT LA!


    Huff! SF weather does suck but AT&T ballpark is one of the best! Perhaps you guys should keep some of those Giants snuggies in the dugouts while you guys wait.

    –Anyways, I have one question for you…. Why don’t they have HUFF jerseys/tshirts for women!!?? I’ve looked everywhere. I’ve resorted to buying a small mens t-shirt and cutting the crap out of it so it fits me.

  15. giantsqueen

    Huff Daddy! Dude, you’re awesome! I was supposed to meet you on-field at BP yesterday, but they said you weren’t feeling well. Hope you’re back to 100% soon! It certainly hasn’t shown in your play. Just wanted to let you know that we in the left-field corner love you! I can tell you’re an old-school guy, just by the way you interact with the fans, and we dig it when you toss the ball out for the kids. My question is, what do you see yourself doing after baseball? I think you’d be a natural as a color analyst for radio or TV.
    P.S. I hope you can hear me give you the love when you play in LF….I’m the loudest one out there, and we all love it when you give the love back (you could give Burrell a few tips about that!)! Thanks, Aubrey, stay hot & BEAT LA!!!

  16. sbrody

    don’t let the fog get you down, aubrey! it can be sort of fun, on cold summer days i just pretend like it’s almost christmas, and that’s always exciting.

    i have a few questions. first off, what sort of stuff do you do to mess with dodgers fans? sounds like fun!!

    and also, what is your favorite neighborhood in the city? do you live here in the off-season too?

  17. cxarli

    For my birthday many moons ago, a family friend who worked at a TV station got me on an afternoon cartoon show that had a host and a bunch of kids on between the cartoons. I was so excited to be there?then devastated to find out what the host was like when the red light on the camera went off.It?s good to find out that I?m not in for another letdown. :-)I hope you will find time to make regular posts. It’s clear to me that you love what you are doing, and I love watching you do it.

  18. jllowe


    I’m so glad I found out you were blogging! I cannot express enough how much Giants fans love having you on the team. You’re the consummate professional major leaguer and you’ve been killin’ it out there on the field. We’d been waiting for a player like you.

    By the way, in case you didn’t know, there’s a bunch of questions and comments specifically for you, here:


    Mr. Huff
    Are you really a Daddy?

    Love your blog and as for no one noticing when you were in Baltimore: almost immediately after you signed with the Giants I got a call from a pal in D.C. who said “you are going to love this guy.” He’s right.

    BTW, do your friends call you Aubby or Huff or. Ironic that you are one of the leaders of the Giants this year when your name is of Teutonic origin, and means “Fair Ruler of the Little People”, or “King of the Elves”. King of the Giant people is more like it.

    Thanks for letting us in for a peak or two.


    Hi Aubrey!
    I am so happy that you have started blogging! I’ll always look forward to your next posting! πŸ™‚ Congratulations on doing so well so far this well! I really enjoy watching you and the rest of the Giants play. I have been a baseball/Giants fan all my life but never was really into it until last summer. Now I dislike even missing one of your guys’ games. πŸ™‚ I know there’s already been a lot of questions asked of you and I really appreciate your trying to answer as many as possible. But I do have a question for you if you have time to answer: when you have freetimee in the clubhouse what do you like doing the most? What do you and your teammates do together for fun?
    Well, I wish you and the rest of the Giants the best of luck against the Dodgers this weekend. I will definetly keep you in my prayers, and I’ll be rooting for you all the way! Don’t get down over today’s game against the Marlins, you all are still doing so well and you all have such good spirit when I see you in the dugout I have no doubt you will be able to conquer the good and bad times ahead of you this season if you stick together and continue to have fun!


    ah tough loss man. Next time let’s try throwing the 1 hitter against them! XP. great effort out there though. tons of amazing catches all over the place. Tell rowand and torres they’re monsters in the outfield. BEAT LA BABY. I predict a sweep of the dodgers!! and in the mean time the pads will lose 2-3 and the gap shall cloooose!!! I also predict someone will get 3 hr’s in 1 game AGAINST the dodgers!!!…then again this isn’t really prediction it’s more like praying hoping and dreaming all at once XD aim big baby!!! Best of luck in the LA series guys.

  22. nono104_sfg

    Huff Daddy Dollas,

    Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. You rock!! You’ll have to share stories about the Dodger series this go around. I have so many friends that are Dodger fans, it sucks but makes it kinda fun. Because of them I did find out the definition of a Dodger (one of): a shifty person, especially one who persistently evades a responsibility. Fits most of the players and fans. I used that one with one of my friends. Ha!

    Get pumped Huff Dizzle! No questions this go around just kick some Dodger a** and share stories when you can. LOL

    Take Care,
    As always… GO GIGANTES!!!

  23. stills89

    You’re the best signing the year, for pretty much any team. It’s nice knowing we have someone on our side who’s not afraid to show a little personality once in a while. Maybe Pablo can start a blog too….

    But anyway. Such a godsend to this team Huff. Not a lot of 1B/DH’s are going to transition that well to the outfield and thrive. Bochy must be driving you insane with those constant lineup switches.

    Keep knockin the laces off, man. We’re all rooting for you. Here’s to a Dodgers sweep!


    Bit of an odd question…but the last time I was at a game I wanted to send K&K some garlic fries. lol who would I ask to give them the fries? XD the guy selling the fries or what? lol because they keep asking for the fries thought I’de be a nice guy and get them some. Well maybe ask them if they have a guy we can find to deliver them. lol odd question but hey. they need garlic fries!


    Ah yeah baby thattl show them to not walk you!!! a bad call becomes a double. More dominance by the 3 spot!! whoo!!! lol great job man that was quite a knock I thought it was gone but great job. Stick with the giants and the magic happens! whooo!


    >.>;; I post too much….eh I guess i’ll give it a rest and only post after a series finishes XD sry for blobbing your blog.

  27. mr32

    Hey Aubrey, first and foremost, being a die hard Giants fan, living in San Diego ( a lot of us here are Giants fans), I can’t express the amount of joy I’ve had watching your games every night on MLB.TV. This years team has something unique, the rapport and camaraderie in the dugout makes it seem as though you guys aren’t just teammates, but truly friends on and off the field. You guys have been playing with a purpose, not just to sneak into the playoffs, but to win the West and have an opportunity to go deep into the playoffs. I’ve been pretty critical over my Giants the past couple years, but I truly believe you guys have an opportunity to create something great. You guys seem to be playing as a unit, executing the intangibles that aren’t recognized on the scoreboard. The sac bunts, hitting the cut-off man, getting the runner over with less than two outs, being pitch selective, and most importantly picking your teammates up (I.E. Torres knocking in the game winning run after Wilson had a rough inning). It’s these little things (the fundamentals) that seem to be making all the difference this year.

    I’m glad you’ve gotten the opportunity to show the rest of the league what your capable of, no team seems to have given you the respect you deserve from your numbers in Tampa and Baltimore…good thing though because all throughout the year you’ve made them pay when it counts most…full count 2 out double with 2 ducks on the pond against the hated Doyers…coming up clutch.

    Do you guys hang out as a team off the field, like go to dinner, or city sights? It would be cool to hear about some of the things that go on off the field when the camera isn’t rolling and reporters aren’t documenting your every move.



  28. pacheto

    Hey Mr. Huff,

    Congratulations on having a wonderful year with the Giants. You’re gonna make SF proud. You’ve been doing wonderful things and you have 65 RBI’s, (35 more to 100)! My question to you is do you feel that you are, or make a difference in San Francisco. Also, I wanted to know if it’s okay with you that if I ever go to a SF game and when you’re up, could I shout, ” Huff, Huff, and away!” You know what I mean? You huff, and when the ball comes, you huff the ball and hit it away!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

  29. pacheto

    Hey Mr. Huff,

    Congratulations on having a wonderful year with the Giants. You’re gonna make SF proud. You’ve been doing wonderful things and you have 65 RBI’s, (35 more to 100)! My question to you is do you feel that you are, or make a difference in San Francisco. Also, I wanted to know if it’s okay with you that if I ever go to a SF game and when you’re up, could I shout, ” Huff, Huff, and away!” You know what I mean? You huff, and when the ball comes, you huff the ball and hit it away!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

  30. nikkiscatch

    Aubrey, I love your blog! πŸ˜‰ Im not such a great writer but i love that you take time especially having a busy season to post a entry on your progress. Go sweep those Dodgers tomorrow and make us Giants fans go wild! ?Nikki

  31. nikkiscatch

    oh i do have a question.. Do you have special rituals or do u say a prayer before games?

    & What is your favorite meal after or before a game?

  32. nono104_sfg

    Huff Dizzle,

    Great series!! My new nickname for Wilson… Brian “Nail Biter” Wilson. Holy Crap!! I have faith in him, believe me… The anticipation drives me crazy! I love it!
    You were amazing, you played great and played hard. I love watching you play. I love watching the team come together. You all did your part and it was great to watch. I ended up thinking of a question for ya… What do players say when they’re at first base? I’ve always want to know. You don’t have to say exact quotes, but in general what do you say out there?
    Congrats to Matt Cain! GO GIANTS!!!!
    Love ya! Take Care!

    Can’t wait to see you boys on the 11th!! Woo Hoo!!! πŸ™‚


    hey water buffalo!
    I think you are a great player! How do you feel about DeRosa’s injury? And how do you deal with crazy fans? I hear fans making fun of your first name a lot. Do you like your name:Aubrey or what would you prefer?
    well thanks…


    Alright so my prediction of a 3 game HR thing for the giants was a tad off. and the pads only lost 1. but hey that gap closed nicely. the post season is shining for the giants. You are the MAN keep those deep hits coming!! nothing better than watching you try and leg out a double/triple lol. But I was correct about the sweep!! so….booyah! 1 for 3 i’ll take it!! lol

  35. katron

    Hey Aubrey!
    You’re easily becoming my favorite Giant. I’m glad you’re loving it here with our home team and I hope you decide to stay with us for a long time!

  36. realisticgiantsfan

    PLEASE COME BACK NEXT YEAR!!!!! I realize that management needs to make you an offer first, but if they do deal with more of our “sucky” weather, please. We LOVE you out here, man!


    Thanks for making the time to write your comments and answer the questions everybody has been posting here. We’re awfully glad you answered the phone when SF called!


    I know it’s redundant to all the other posts but THANK YOU for signing with the Giants. Here’s my prediction:

    SF Giants = National League Champions
    Andres Torres = Gold Glove & Comeback Player of the Year
    Freddie Sanchez = Gold Glove
    Aubrey Huff = NL MVP and gold glove if you could just pick a position and stick with it :p
    Honorable Mentions: Schierholtz and Ishikowa should win future Gold Gloves when they become everyday players

    And one more thing- U-RIBE!!! Love that guy.


    Me again…again again. I post a lot so i’m cutting back to once every 3 games. Great job this year. Your defense is just amazing. Keep it up and remember to relax and let it fly . good job starting another hitting streak. so just relax and keep it going. You’re by far my favorite baseball player and the ideal player that i’ll probally aim for in the future. 300 hitter with quite a few HR’s and clutch hitting ability. Great job and keep it up. Tell all your buddies in the outfield i’m a big fan of that setup. Might be a little unusual but hey it works and it’s showing. Great job out there, and like always i wish you guys luck in the future. Ahhh and it feels great to watch you hit a double. lol great job this year man. Leg those doubles out give us bigger guys something to cheer for lol Untill next time.

    (Random baseball player)

  40. boogbite

    Thanks for the blog, Aubrey, it’s a great read. This year’s Giants team has been the best in many years and you have a big part of that. One of my favorite parts about watching games is seeing the reaction in the dugout whenever anything awesome happens. You were so pumped, for example, when Burrell hit that home run against the Dodgers last saturday… I had to rewind and watch how excited you guys all were a few times. Thanks so much for the energy (and talent!) you’ve brought to our club this year, I hope you get to be a Giant for many years to come.
    P.S. Seeing you in DC on my honeymoon was awesome, i hope you liked my sign!
    -A newlywed from Santa Cruz

  41. crazysfgiantsgirl

    Hi Aubrey! Wow, thanks so much for answering everyone’s questions! I have one – what is your typical pre-game and post-game routine when you’re at the ballpark? Thanks! Keep up the great work this season! πŸ™‚


    Hello HUFF DADDY, can express my self how much we love you.. and TORRES. You guys are awsome. Something that i love is watching the GIANTS in the dug out.. how much fun you guys have.. not like all the boring other teams. It makes us feel like “man I so wish I was there.. ” in the dougout. Collecting all my nickles and dimes so one day i can see up close to the dug out… But till then will be watching the game from the bleachers, those fans no how to have fun too…


    Do you pay attention to home made signs? Also i went to see you guys in LA against the Dogers last month.. How do you guys do it with all those people who non-stop name calls you guys, when you guys are so close to them @ outfield? Any how.. Will be at the bleachers on Sunday game against the SD.. With a BIG BRIGHT ORANGE SIGN…. HUFF DADDY!! Hope i catch one of your homerun balls!
    p.s Hope you stay with us!

  44. raysrenegade

    Was wondering if you were doing anymore singing?
    I know you performed this Spring at Jake Peavy’s event, but I always got a kick out of the past “Huffapalooza” event, and was wondering if any of your Giant teammates also have the singing bug?

    Rays Renegade

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