Wilsons shoes, Bee-Gees and the disappearing mustache

You guys have great questions. Makes writing this blog easy because I don’t have to think of topics myself  . . . 
How did the nickname Huff Daddy come about?
When the singer Puff Daddy hit the charts in the early 90s, I was in high school in Texas. Somebody just said “Huff Daddy” one day and it caught on. People have been calling me that ever since. 
What do you like about living in SF?
I like that there are a lot of Mom and Pop places. You go to big cities and all you see are Morton’s and Flemings and all the chain restaurants. But so many of the restaurants and shop are unique to this city. So you’re never bored. There’s a sense of discovery every time you go out. And you feel connected to the people who own the restaurants and stores. We live up by Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights. We go out our door and there’s everything you could want — from Asian food, Mexican, pizza. And all the interesting shops. We live in a great house and we love it – but it’s costing us, let me tell you. I’ve never see anything like the rental and real estate prices here. Wow. For a boy from Texas, it’s pretty eye opening. In the off-season, we live in Tampa.

What did you major in at the University of Miami?
Like everybody else, I majored in business management. I’d say baseball but that wouldn’t look good.
What do you think of Wilson’s orange shoes and the fine?
I loved his shoes. I think it would be a kick if everybody on the team wore those shoes on Orange Fridays. I understand the league has to have rules, but this is one rule I don’t understand. Who cares what he’s wearing on his feet as long as it’s not distracting to the hitter? And really, if you’re a hitter and you’re looking at Brian Wilson’s shoes while you up at the plate, you shouldn’t be in the big leagues. 
How long were you in minors before you thought you had a chance to reach the big leagues?
You always wonder every time you move up to the next level of competition, whether it’s from high school to college, college to the pros, if you’re good enough to make it. When I got drafted out of the University of Miami, I joined Tampa Bay’s High-A club. The draft is late enough that you join the pros for just the second half the season. That meant, of course, switching to a wooden bat and playing just about every day.  I hit .321 with 13 homers and had about 50 RBIS in half a season. I felt right there, that first year, “I think I’ve got a shot.”
What do you see yourself doing after baseball?
I don’t think anyone will be surprised by my answer here. I’d like to do radio or television. I enjoy talking about baseball and I think I have a pretty interesting perspective on things. As everyone knows, I have no problem saying what I really think. My agent has a program that helps train players to make the transition into broadcasting. I can’t see ever leaving baseball completely. You play this game so long it becomes a part of who you are. I can’t see how you wouldn’t want to stay in it. As an athlete, you play until you’re 35 or 40 – if you’re really lucky – which means you still have half your life to live. You’ve accumulated all this knowledge and all these stories about the game, so it just makes sense that you’d want to share them. 
What do your friends call you?
In the clubhouse, it’s mostly Huffy. But Huff Daddy is catchier.
When you have free time in clubhouse, what are you doing?
Before a game, I like to talk trash to the guys. You rip on guys and have some fun. We don’t talk too much baseball before the game. Everybody’s just BSing and doing their own thing to get ready. After the game, that’s when we talk baseball. You have a few beers and go over situations that happened in the game. You talk to teammates about what you were thinking in a certain situation – or what you should have been thinking. You want to go over things that might help you in the future if that situation comes up again. You’re constantly getting feedback from other people and constantly learning. You can never know everything, which is what makes this game so interesting and why I can’t see myself ever leaving it. 
What’s the deal with the short hair and what happened to your mustache?
I had a goatee going, and on the last road trip I was trimming my mustache and accidentally went too far and had to shave the whole thing off. I found that I liked it, so I’ve kept it that way. As for my buzz-cut: during the season I don’t have time for a barber. I’ve got a two-year-old and a pregnant wife. When I’m at home I want to be with them. I don’t want to go spend an hour with a barber. So I just cut it myself. 
What are your favorite meals before and after a game?
I don’t eat before a game because it makes me feel weighed down. I have lunch around 1 or 1:30 p.m. then don’t eat again for about 10 hours, until after the game. I’ll eat chicken and pasta usually — get the carbs back in and some protein. 
First-basemen and base runners always seem to chat at first base. What are you saying? 
It depends on who it is. If it’s a guy you like, you’re just kind of BSing, talking trash. You might talk about the at-bat he just had. If he’s a friend, you might ask if he wants to get a cocktail after the game. If it’s a guy you don’t like, you hope he doesn’t get on base. And if you don’t know the guy at all, you don’t say anything. No reason to. 
What is the funniest prank you’ve seen?
There have been a lot but the one that comes to mind happened in Baltimore. John “T-Bone” Shelby was deathly afraid of snakes. When he opened the door of the cubbyhole in his locker, a fake snake suddenly unfurled and fell out. T-Bone jumped and fell backward. I thought he had a heart attack. That was a pretty good one. 
How did you come to pick “Stayin’ Alive” for the song when you come to bat?
When we were in Atlanta, the song came on the play list in the clubhouse. Barry Zito knows I like the Bee-Gees. He said, “Huffy, this should be your song.” I said, “I do love this song.” He said, “Just think of walking to the plate to this song in San Francisco.” I was sold. 
See you at the park – and keep the questions coming.


  1. dwm94085@yahoo.com

    Aubrey! I like the way you play, and I especially like your unrestrained enthusiasm in the clubhouse!

    What’s up with the faux violence when celebrating? I thought you might break Andres’s ribs when he hit the double to beat the Dodgers. You’re the angriest-looking happy guy ever, perhaps. When Pat hit the homer a couple of weeks ago, I was suddenly glad there wasn’t an axe handle in the dugout.

    How would you compare the ownership at the clubs where you’ve played? Mr. Angelos doesn’t have the best reputation. Do free agents factor in that sort of thing when deciding where to play?

  2. missmilly

    You have made watching the Giants games much more interesting this season!! I am so happy you’re part of the team. So here’s my question…..Does Timmy ever talk about maybe cutting his hair? I’m all about being unique, but really he could use a trim. It’s weighing him down 🙂

  3. nohype

    Huff Daddy: you seem to take your job seriously, but not yourself (i.e. the world doesn’t revolve around Aubrey); were you like that in high school and college? … Glad you’re a Giant!

  4. sfcain09

    Hey Aubrey, thanks for taking the time to do the blog

    As for the questions, whats it like in the dugout, you always see the same people hanging out together when they flash to it during the game. (Fontenot looked lost lol, cant blame him)

    Whats your favorite place to grab a bite in the city

    And I’ve been hearing this one for awhile now, I’ve heard from multiple people that Matt Cain can’t read, can you give me the final verdict on that one

  5. capnk545

    I’m sure you’ve heard a million “huff and puff” jokes, but what do you think of the nickname “Big Bad Wolf”? You’re obviously a big dude, and dangerous to face.

  6. dgt15

    Awesome blog, Huff Daddy! You definitely should go into broadcasting next…..stick close to Kruk and Kuip…maybe they’ll put in a good word for ya!

  7. sfcain09

    Aubrey! Were glad you came to SF!

    Gotta go with this for my question though, saw it above too, can Matt Cain read? I’ve had like 7 people tell me he cant

  8. ihatela91

    Aubrey! So glad you’re wearing the orange and black

    Gotta go with this for my question, I saw it above too, can Matt Cain read? I’ve had multiple people tell me he cant

  9. fausto_blanca@yahoo.com

    Hi Aubrey, i’m big fan of Giants since too many years, just i wanna say thanks for play whit your heart, is fantastic saw a player play baseball like you.

    I like when you are more agressive in the plate whit RISP, i saw you the lasts games and you are waiting more.

    Sorry for my english i’m from Venezuela, GO GIANTS!!!

  10. boogbite

    Hi Huffy! Great game last night, i love seeing you stretch out those triples.

    Growing up in Texas did you learn to Speak spanish? How much Spanish is spoken in the Giants clubhouse?

    P.S. While I look forward to hearing you on the radio or broadcasting on TV, I hope you keep playing with the Giants for at least a few more years first.

    ¡Vamos Gigantes!

  11. theatregirl17@gmail.com

    Hey Aubrey!
    Good job in yesterdays game! You have been doing just wonderful a long with the rest of the Giants. I really think you all have a good chance of making to the postseason! As for my question, I was wondering, what’s your favorite hobby outside of baseball? I’m really glad that you like that we ask questions because I love asking them…:P well good luck today and also good luck against the padres this weekend! I believe in you guys!

  12. misslindseycait

    Hey, Huffy(: you’re a beast! Thats probably why they call you a Water Buffalo. You’re my favorite hitter on the team. You crack me up! We made a great decision on bringing you on the team this year. I mean, you lead the whole team in HRs and RBIs! You mad-man!

    So here’s my question. Do you really have Transformer tattoos? I heard this from a few people and i want to clear the air.

  13. silverpen00

    Thanks for being a Giant, Huff! One of Sabean’s best moves ever. My question is this: The G-men have been bouncing around the middle of the NL West for years now, sometimes on the verge of making the playoffs, sometimes not. What do you think it will take to get you guys to the postseason this year?

    PS – I love that every week it seems – sometimes every game – there’s a different hero.

  14. nono104_sfg

    Huff Daddy,

    I enjoyed the game yesterday. Loved the Bee Gees! No question who was coming up to bat when you heard the music start. My problem was I couldn’t stop singing the song after it stopped. My kids just looked at me, like, “MOM…” LOL! Great game down to the last out. Wished I could have stayed for today’s game. WOW!!! Man! It took everyone to pull together. I got goosebumps watching the game today. Burrell and “Panda” rocked it! One of the other fans asked about your “faux violence.” You almost knocked out Pat B., after his grand slam. So my question… You get moved around a bunch, is it difficult to adjust during a game? The last to games, you have gone from right to left field.

    Keep it up boys!! We love you guys. Aubrey your the man. Thanks again for taking time out of your busy season to answer fan questions. You rock!!

    Take Care,

  15. nono104_sfg

    How can I forget!!! Andres Torres with the win! He rocked it. Oh heck, you all rocked it!! That’s what a “team” is all about!

    The new hairdos are fun!

  16. kate916

    Hey Huffy….. I think I had one of those when I was a kid -with cool plastic streamers coming from the handle bar.
    Your enthusiasm is infectious, I love when the whole team pours out of the dugout to celebrate and you guys all start jumping up and down like excited little boys! Keep up the jumping! One request more than a question: please don’t even dignify the Matt Cain question with a response!!! Otherwise keep doing what you’re doing!

  17. boogbite

    I stumbled upon your recording of “Letters from Home” (after listening to Omar Vizquel’s Goo-goo Dolls rendition on the MLB album…). I truly think you have a wonderful voice. Any chance in the near future you’d give us fans another chance to hear you sing?

  18. rjmacready

    Aubrey wow bro i get the goosebumps watching you play ball my man! I hope you retire a Giant years from now….IM curious how many bats do you go through in a season? Good luck against the pads! Bring SF its first WS ring boys!…. roll one up and have a puff! you boys deserve it….

  19. westcoastgirl

    Great post! I love the idea of wearing orange shoes on Fridays.

    What has been the scariest moment during a game for you?

  20. bwong@zealotpc.com

    Loved watching you play in Left field when you were playing the Nationals in July!

    What’s your favorite road city to visit? Do you have a favorite AL and NL ballpark?

    Keep up the great work. You’ve helped make this season awesome to watch.

  21. louierx@yahoo.com

    I enjoyed reading about your inspirational life story in the Art Slander interview. I’ll be pointing you out to my son on his 11th birthday this Sat at AT&T. It’s quite apparent from your blog and interviews that you worked hard to be a major leaguer and you did not ignore the education side. So on Sat, I’m hoping that he’ll want to get your autograph.

  22. base.ball.player@hotmail.com

    You guys had a little slump there but you’re coming back strong.!!! don’t get anxious we all know you’re a great player so just take a deep breath and relax. for a little while there most of the hitting was just you and posey. Take a breather relax a bit and let it come naturally. Might just be me but I thought it looked like you were trying on your own to carry the offence. Just relax and remember you’ve got guys that are heating up like burrell and pablo. Posey’s already a threat and you got torress ruling the lead off spot so just kick back try and take a deep breath and just let it fly. You guys are going all the way this year!!! end of story! Giants 2010 WORLD SERIES IN THE MAKING!!!! Keep up the good efffort. you’re having a tiny slump right now so just try and relax. Hard to do when you’re in the majors but still. lol Best of luck guys. SWEEP THE PADS!!! =p well I can dream. Thanks for your time and answering my question next question!! finally!!!.

    Other than the various players with funky hair or shoes. Basically timmy wilson ect ect. Which player do you think has the strangest attributes about them? Strange ritual funny dance moves lol ect ect.

  23. obsessivegiantscompulsive

    Please ignore the negative questions! Does not represent all fans.
    Love what you bring to the Giants, hope you stay a while (I know, from our lips to Sabean’s ears :^), as you bring a good vibe to the team, a lot of us think, plus, of course, you hit well.
    I heard in a pre-season interview with one of your former coaches that this off-season you worked the hardest you had ever before to prepare physically for the 2010 season, as an acknowledgement to age. What did you do to get into baseball shape? Is it similar to what Aaron Rowand did, he said that he did a lot of mountain biking? What exactly does it mean to be in “baseball shape”?
    I hope you stick around post-player here. You would be great on the KNBR broadcasts. Bob Brenly used to do pre and post game stuff, and of course there’s Kruk and Kuip. Giants have involved a lot of ex-Giants in a variety of roles in the media. Plus, KNBR has slots for talk show hosts, maybe you can man your own slot, Rick Barry used to handle a slot, now FP Santangelo is there.
    Besides broadcasting, there’s always coaching, Steve Kline came back and joined the Augusta team as pitching coach, that might appeal to you if you want to still live in Tampa area. If you decide you like the Bay Area, there is the San Jose Giants club, plus Fresno, not as close but hot weather there will remind you of Texas and living standards much better there. Others like JT Snow and Will Clark are assistants to top execs.

  24. imwithcb@yahoo.com

    Hey Aubrey! Thanks for the awesome blog, I just want to know what you do with your broken bats and extra gear and if I asked you for some extra stuff in spring training, would you hook me up? haha

  25. bsebllrox

    Hey Aubrey,

    It was nice to meet you at the Season Ticketholders Picnic the other day, you’re a funny guy. I hope the Giants resign you after the season, they seem like a good fit for you. My question for you is: Who is the toughest pitcher you’ve ever faced?

  26. bocock

    Hi Aubrey! Your blog is great! Thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions, and especially for the energy you bring to the team! My question is: Who were your baseball role models as a kid? GO GIANTS!


  27. richgomail-inbox@yahoo.com

    Huff Daddy,

    Was at the yard yesterday for the extra inning win over the Pad’s. Great win!!!

    What are your thoughts about all of the Giants dyeing their hair, beards, and mustaches orange like Uribe? I think it would be a great team display of team unity! I presume the league would not fine for this?

    Hope you guys kick Pad butt today!

  28. rebecca@wlbutler.com


    You had a tough weekend, but I am shocked and pleasantly surprised the way you handled yourself after a strike out or a pop out when you are batting. Not a single swear word came out, that the front row could hear. Thank you for that. Also, there was one magical moment. Pablo threw my nephew, Posey’s foul ball. Is it possible for you to thank him for me? Not sure how else to reach him.

    Here’s to the playoffs!

  29. giants68@yahoo.com

    Huffy, we can see you have a tattoo on the inside of your right forearm and your Transformers tattoos have been mentioned. What are all the tattoos you have and can we see the Transformers ones?

  30. nono104_sfg

    Huff Daddy Dollas’,

    Hi Huffy! Hey just wanted to let you know… Win or lose, you guys are my boys. You definitely don’t need me to tell you how it is, but… for the time being, forget about the pennant race, and go back to playing for the love of the game. I can kinda tell that the pressure is there. I’m nobody, but I wanted to share that with you. Take care!

    ~N Dawg 😉

  31. devilabrit

    Can’t believe you like playing in a town like San Fran, but look on the brightside, with no baseball in October you’ll have plenty of time with you wife and baby, plus you get Rowand and Burrell as team mates…


    Phillies Outside

  32. bornagaingiantsfan

    Can I beat “Huff and Puff” into a actual nickname for you? Like Ichiro’s during the All Star Game, it shows hitting ability, speed, and mental skills in playing the game.
    To seal the deal, how about a sponsor? Pablo has Panda Express (last year, maybe not this year). Just to keep my blog busy, my sponsor idea will be over there… 🙂

  33. bornagaingiantsfan

    Thanks, Joan Ryan, for ghost writing this blog for Aubrey (according to Aubrey on KNBR earlier this week).

    If Aubrey got around the bay a bit more, he would find spots where he could warm up a bit. Nothing like 60s in The City and 90s out in Brentwood at the same time. (boss in Brentwood being confused why some of us on a conference call aren’t baking along with her… 🙂 ) Where the Niners and Raiders have their training camps would be a good start… 🙂 (Santa Clara with Great America for the Niners, Napa Wine Country for the Raiders (this could be bad for them… 🙂 ))

  34. the.lilliputian@gmail.com

    I say your nickname should be “Home-run Huff!” Awesome game tonight; I love watching you guys play!!!

  35. reno1969

    california dreamin…… it is so great to be able to communicate with a real honest to God major leaguer. you seem like a natural dude. real down to earth. very interesting to read about your thoughts. i’m an exile in the midwest. have been a giants fan since i was discharged from the Navy in 1968. i lived in the bay area until 1985 and saw the Giants play in candlestick a lot of times. if you think it gets cold at ATT you ain’t seen nothin’. my bucket list includes seeing you guys play at ATT. keep up the great play and let’s beat san diego a few times before the end of the season. ps…. just to let you know, we share a birthday although i am old enough to be your daddy. and i never spent any time in Texas around 34 years ago.

  36. belletucker11

    Hey Aubrey(:
    I’m that girl from the Giants-Phillies series in Philadelphia from August 17-19 that was pleading for autographs and wearing Giants regalia the whole series. I’m also that girl that happened to tell you that I have the same name as you, to which you responded, “Doesn’t that make me feel good about myself?” Well, it should, because I am a huge fan of both you and the Giants and am extremely happy that you are now a part of the team. As for my questions, I have two…
    1) While you see thousands of fans in whatever city you play in, do you ever remember any of them specifically?
    2) When people write and send you fanmail to AT&T Park, do you personally receive and read everything you are sent? (Just wondering if it would be worth sending a letter to you and the rest of my favorites 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for your time and keep up the awesome work! And be proud of your name because us Aubreys have to stick together 😉

  37. master.yee@gmail.com

    Huff Daddy!

    You are the man! We love you here in SF! I, along with all SF Giants fans, definitely want and need you back for future seasons!! Your blog is awesome! It’s great to hear things from the source and especially from an interesting guy like yourself!

    Look out for me with the “HUFF DADDY IS MY HOMEBOY” sign! It would be the best if I could take a picture with you and the sign! You are just a breath of fresh air for this team and this city!

    How do you feel about traveling for all of the away games? Do you like it when people notice you and approach you in public? What is a daily game day routine for you and the guys in the clubhouse?

    Thanks! Keep doin’ your thing HUFF DADDY!

  38. sherialyse@gmail.com

    Hey Aubrey,

    I am very glad you are playing with the Giants and at (most of the time) 1st base this year. What BIG shoes to fill at that position! I am a native of SF but living in SD right now, but I am able to watch most games on MLB.com. What really impresses me about this year’s team (and you as well) is that the “egos” are not present and the “fun-Giants” are. It really looks like the team is having fun and supporting each other, no matter what the outcome of the day’s game. I certainly hope that you are back with the team in 2011. The Giants need a veteran player like you.

    Sheri 🙂

  39. ptjess

    Huff Daddy-

    I knew I saw you in Pacific Heights – at Starbucks – not really mom and pop but everyone needs their fix of Starbucks.
    It was Sat AM before you played The Braves for NLCS west and I was headed to work at CPMC. I totally did a double take – you had a beenie on so I couldn’t tell for sure. Your goat and (I hate to say it) butt confirmed that it was you. I told everyone! I have been die hard fan since the beginning of the year.

    Hopefully I will see you again in the hood again before heading back to Tampa. San Francisco loves you on the Giants. You have been a great leader for this team and a lot of fun.

    Get your thong on,

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