Leading Off…

What better day to start my blog than after the most exciting game of the season?

never been in a playoff game, but I imagine that’s what it feels like.
And I’ve never been in this kind of rivalry. I knew Giants-Dodgers was
big, but I had no idea how big because all you hear back east is
Yankees-Red Sox 24/7 on ESPN.  It is definitely intense – I think the
fans are even more into than the players, to be honest. You had 50,000
fans yelling against us last night. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a
louder chorus of boos than when the Dodgers made the third out of the
ninth. It was awesome.
It wasn’t just that we won. It was HOW
we won. We battled back in a way I’m not sure we could have done a
month ago. Now we’ve won 11 of the last 13, and we know exactly why.
Not only has our starting pitching established dominance again (with
Timmy’s struggles last night an aberration), but our offense is so much
better. I don’t think anyone expected us to be doing what we’re doing
now offensively.
Pablo is looking so much more comfortable at
the plate since the break. Torres is the sparkplug. I can’t say enough
about what he’s done – a huge hit again last night. He brings energy
into the dugout and clubhouse. (And he’s a sweet guy. He probably says
hi me nine times a day.) 
Posey – what can you say about this
guy? He’s smart, he makes adjustments, and he’s levelheaded. He’s never
going to be a big ego, a guy with the fist pumping and pointing. He’s
already got a veteran’s mentality with his approach at the plate and
catching behind the plate.

Sanchez is great little No. 2 hitter who really changes the dynamic of the lineup.

I’m feeling good at the plate. I know people are making a big deal
about the year I’m having but I’ve had good years in the past. I just
had them in Baltimore and Tampa Bay and nobody cared. 

was tough not being the lineup last night. It’s probably harder to
watch a game like that than to play in it. Bochy figured if he was
going to give me a day off, it made sense to do it when Kershaw was
pitching. He’s so tough against left-handers. I knew Bochy was likely
to call on me as a pinch-hitter at some point, so after about four
innings I was getting loose on a stationary bike in the clubhouse and
so watched part of game on TV.
But I was in the dugout when
Kershaw hit Aaron Rowand. It was a weird thing to hit him when they
were up by only one run. That got us fired up a little bit. That got us
going. I know fans sometimes have questions about these unwritten
rules, like when it’s bad form for a pitcher to throw at a hitter, or
when a hitter is justified in going after the pitcher. When Kemp took a
few steps toward Timmy, that made no sense because obviously Tim was
struggling and wasn’t trying to hit him. We were all a little jumpy
right there, waiting to see what was going to happen. And Bautista
definitely wasn’t trying to hit Russell Martin. But by then, though,
the Dodgers are all fired up because we’re making a comeback.

then Kershaw hits Rowand. We’re getting a little hot in the dugout, but
Rowand just walks to first because it was a “good” hit-by-pitch.
Kershaw hit him in the right place. He wasn’t going for his head. He
hit him in the leg. Now, I imagine, it’s all over and done with. They
got their retaliation shot in, and that’s it.

thing that’s so important about this game is that it was a real team
win. You had Rowand dropping a sacrifice bunt. Burrell with the big fly
to left (that Paul dropped). Torres with his two-run double. Pablo with
his double down the line. Posey with an RBI single. The relievers were
great, with Affeldt closing it out.

the clubhouse afterward, everyone was just telling everyone else what a
great job they did. It was just a big moral victory, coming back like
that with their best guy on the mound. I was thinking about how some
teams might have slipped into a funk after having a game stolen from
them the way we did over the weekend. But we didn’t let it affect us.
Now we’re on the verge of sweeping the Dodgers. Once you have two wins,
you don’t want just to win the series. You want the sweep.

thought last night about what Bengie said to us on the bus when he
found out he had been traded and was saying goodbye: “You guys have
something special.” 

After playing on such awful teams for most of my career, I can’t tell you how happy I am to playing for San Francisco. 
Hope you enjoy the blog. Not sure how often I’ll post. But send me your questions. Happy to answer them if I can.

See you next time


  1. raysrenegade

    Huff Daddy,
    You still throwing a knuckleball when you warm-up between innings? Always found that a great attention-getter when you played RF in the Trop.
    Congrats on your season so far. Looks like you might have finally found that special team that can get you to the next level.
    Glad you are blogging, and look forward toreading your take in San Fran.

    Rays Renegade


  2. glitchman87

    Hey Huff,

    I’m happy to see that you’re starting up a great blog. I’m an east coast transplant to the west coast, and a newfound Giants fan.

    It’s been really exciting watching the team this season, and so far you and the rest of the orange and black have been on a tear this second half. It looks like you’ve really found your center here in SF. How would you describe the attitude inside the Giants clubhouse compared to other teams you’ve played for? Did you have any trouble adjusting to the new environment when you moved to SF?

    I look forward to reading your blog and watching you and the rest of the Giants play this season. I smell postseason, so keep up the fantastic work!


  3. norm15

    Hey Aubrey.

    Glad to see you’re finally in a race. You never played for the Jays, but played enough against them. Always admired the way you played. Good luck the rest of the way.



  4. lilhmb@sbcglobal.net

    I’m writing this on Monday, July 26. What a time you had in Arizona!!! You are a joy to watch, and you always make me smile. You are so real, and funny, shaking up some folks, but that’s good! Really happy you’re here in SF, cheering up this older person.

    Lil Gluckstern

  5. orangenblack


    When there were rumors about signing you before the season started, I WAS EXCITED. While people moaned and groaned, I always said “You guys watch, this is the dude”. Alot of guys don’t take a little filipino girl seriously. I’m soooooo happy to yell it loud “I TOLD YOU SO!” It’s players like you that have a spirit that shines through out this team that gives the games we watch an extra “UMPH”. Keep flexing that right arm for the strong Black and Orange! I’m not only a GIANTS FANS.. I’m your #1 Fan!! Let’s go HUFFIE!


  6. sfgiantsfans@live.com

    Hey Aubrey,

    When there’s a player who want to be traded from the team, what do the rest of his teammates think of it? Do they think what trader this guy may be? Do they wish the same for themselves? What goes on in the clubhouse?

    – Sean Edwards, 21
    Hanford, CA

    PS: GO GIANTS!!!

  7. sammianne1983@gmail.com


    Thank you for agreeing to do this blog. We as fans appreciate when you guys do this, it helps us to know what you are thinking and how you feel about what goes on around you in baseball.

    Keep up the good work, you look amazing out there!

    Sam in Reno, NV

  8. nono104_sfg


    Awesome Blog! I love reading a players side of things. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about baseball since the 80’s when I first began going to the games. Thank you guys for old fashioned baseball with some added fun and class.

    I’m glad your enjoying it in San Francisco. I am watching the game with Marlins and the questionable “fan interference” CRAZY! That’s what Giants baseball is all about!! I look forward to reading more! Keep up the hits and defense Huff Daddy. You and the boys ROCK! They called it a HOMERUN Baby!!

    Love ya!
    PS. How do you get pumped up before a game or even before you bat? Any kind of “rituals” the boys do?

  9. jingles62

    Huff Daddy, thanks for starting to blog about The Team.I always enjoy reading about America’s favorite past time from a player’s perspective. I was born a SF Giants fan in 1962. My Dad was a NY Giants fan and when he married my Mom in 1953 and moved to NorCal the same time the Giants did.It was a done deal. In 1967 my family moved to SoCal but remained loyal to Our Giants. Bengie was right about this year’s team,you guys are special.I see it when I’m driving the team bus in So Cal. What do you think of the way I decorate the bus? Or my BEAT LA/DODGERS SUCK orange t-shirt I wear while driving the bus? ‘Kel tells me I scare the players(jokingly,I think?). I don’t know if you know just HOW BIG(pun intended) of a supported of The Team I really am. Check out my website, Rally Pumpkin.com. If you go to the gallery,there’s some really funny pics from some my road trips watching The Team. I just finished watching the 3-4 loss to the Marlins,but heard Kruk & Kuip talk about your Blog during the game. Hope to be reading more in the weeks to come.Take it Easy, Jingles aka The Rally Pumpkin.

  10. base.ball.player@hotmail.com

    This far down the list I’m not sure if you’ll ever get this, but hey it’s worth a shot. I’ve been a fan ever since you got the inside the park HR, and in the first EVER giants game I went to I got to see you hit splash HR number 52. You don’t disappoint for me so far. Thanks for your efforts so far for the giants. I’ll be back at the yard again on the 29th for the marlins game where posey will hopefully tie the rookie hitting streak. I know it’s not likely but could ya hit splash hit #53? lol a bit of a selfish request but if my first ever 2 giants games both had splash hits that would just be amazing. Anyways if you ever managed to actually read this thanks for your time. You and posey are a great team. you both had a great streak going for a while there. sucks to see yours end though. Let’s pray posey gets to 22 and then some. Keep on showing the world you’re the right man for the job!!! Giants to the WS 2010 baby YEAH!!!

  11. steveward

    Good to read your thoughts. Enjoy watching you and the rest of the team every morning on MLB.TV here in the UK. I’m hoping when I get to see you playing the Pads later this season we’re there at the top of the pile. If you keep playing like you have, I know you’ll be on top.

  12. jend

    Huff Daddy!
    Thanks for the post. You seem like such a cool guy. We love having you here in SF. You are such a class act and really funny. And, of course, the best athlete on the team. Like someone else said… love to have a beer with you.

  13. base.ball.player@hotmail.com

    CONGRATS!!! 1500 hits baby!!! and ONCE AGAIN!!! you show the world you’re gonna bring the giants to the playoffs. another RBI in the first. Congrats. there are no words I can use to say how great you’re doing. I’ll predict…..at the end of the year!!! .316avg 36 hr’s 109 RBI’s!!! silver slugger and a gold glove!! BOOYAH!! go huff! i’m writing this while I watch the game and i just saw you get your second hit. you are the MAN end of story! continuous production! AND POSEY WITH HIT STREAK 21 BABY!! OH YEAAAAH! I’ve had the 29ths tickets for 2 weeks now. way before this streak started and now my tickets are to the finale with a chance to see posey’s streak tie the all time AND to see you hit splash HR 53!! gonna be a great game!! whoo! 1501 baby!! I was hoping I’de get to see your 1500th but I have no complaints!!! AND YES GO URIBE!!!! man you guys are heating up BIG TIME!!! keep this momentum all year!! sorry to rant i’ll stop with this giant post. you guys are amazing and you are going to the world series baby ALL THE WAY!!! See you guys tomorrow. Best of luck!!! fight on!!!

  14. mlbsprtsfn

    Hey Huff!

    You guys are absolutely on a tear! I think this is one of the best assembled Giants teams I have seen in years and I’m looking forward to the Dodger series this weekend. Keep winning! BEAT LA!

  15. sacbubbah

    Aubrey, keep writing. This is good stuff. Giants fans love to know the game, and when our favorite players write, that gives us more insight into our national past time, and our team. Congrats on all the good body work! It’s an inspiration for the rest of us. 🙂

    Paul, Sacramento

  16. sacbubbah

    Aubrey, keep writing. This is good stuff. Giants fans love to know the game, and when our favorite players share their experience, it gives us more insight into our national past time. Congrats on all the good body work, it’s an inspiration to the rest of us!

    Paul, Sacramento

  17. gmood

    Huff Daddy,
    I love the nickname! I have always been a Giant’s fan. I’ve also been a baseball fan. I knew your skill set and thought that you were a great add. I got to admit that I worry when guys change leagues. Matt Holiday learned the hard way among others. I’m glad that you adapted well. Maybe, you can talk about that in your blog.

    I’m impressed with the work ethic that you put in to be ready and contribute. You never mail in an at-bat. I love that you are a character! You are a great add to this clubhouse.

    I know players aren’t GM’s. I also know this is a close knit group. I won’t mention names or ask you to comment. However, is there any concern in the clubhouse that adding a player may affect the role that you are on or the chemistry that you have?

  18. wmc44fan

    Aubrey, I am glad you are in a Giants uniform and hope you will be when your career is through. You won me over when you hit the inside the park home run. I am your #1 fan. You give 120% and I love players who do that because it shows they care. That they are not in it for the money, but for the love of the game.
    What park is the hardest to play in when in the field and which is easiest, if there is such a thing. Also which park is your favorite, and why?
    You are a big asset to this club. In my opinion you should win the Willie Mac Award. You have been a joy to watch. Thanks for your contribution to the success of the club. I have a feeling we will be in the World Series, if not this year in the near future with you and our wonderful players. Thanks for a most enjoyable and exciting season. Keep it up and best of luck to you!

  19. sfgiantsfans@live.com

    I saw how pumped you were when Pat Burrell hit the two run homerun in the 8th vs the Dodgers. That was awesome! What was going through your head at that moment?

    Hanford, CA

  20. stllhope4stardom

    Abrey – You are an amazing player. Now that I have read your comments, I have found that you are also an amazing person. Having good chemistry on a team is really powerful and it looks like this is what you have on the Giants. Keep up the really quality work that you do on the field. My family (husband and three grown sons) enjoys watching you and the heart and soul you put into the game. After your inside the park home run we have nicknamed you Huff & Puff :).

  21. giantsgirlsf

    Do you and the players all live together in SF?

    Not sure if this is where I’m supposed to post for you to reply, but I hope it is!

  22. giantsgirlsf

    Do you and the players live in San Francisco just during the baseball season, or do you guys go back to your hometowns during off season?

  23. richgomail-inbox@yahoo.com

    Huff Daddy,

    Was at the yard yesterday for the extra inning win over the Pad’s. Great win!!!

    What are your thoughts about all of the Giants dyeing their hair, beards, and mustaches orange like Uribe? I think it would be a great team display of team unity! I presume the league would not fine for this?

    Hope you guys kick Pad butt today!

  24. yuckster

    Great blog. Ensberg-Glanville quality.
    Glad for you (and my BoSox) that you are gone from that excuse for a MLB-franchise in Baltimore . . . you were about the only batter that I was worried about when I would make my annual trip down to the “Charm City” to see my RedSox.
    Good luck in the Divisional race. Despite my East Coast location, I am well aware of LA-SF and StL-ChiC rivalries.

  25. wmc44fan

    Just wondering if you know why umpires do not go by the strike zone in the Baseball rule book and have their own instead? It seems to me it is the only rule in the book not enforced on the field.
    It is great having you here in SF. You acquired a fan for life when I saw you hit the in the park home run at AT&T Park. Keep up the good work. You are fun to watch and I love your enthusiasm and hard work with regards to the game. Best of luck with the rest of your career. I hope you are on the Giants until you retire.

  26. hallelujah

    Hey Meestor Huffalicious champion of the world, how about an update on this here blog to let us know how you see the upcoming season developing. I can’t wait. This has been the longest off-season I can remember. Probably feels short to you. Anyway please write another installment of your blog as your fans need a little Huff-Daddy update.

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