September Baseball!

Usually at this time of year, I have my family vacation all planned out and I’m marking off the days until I can pack up my bats and get out of town. There is nothing worse for a baseball player than slogging through September when your team is out of the running. You find yourself arriving at the ballpark later and later. When the game’s over, you’re out of the clubhouse before most of the fans have reached for their car keys.
With the Giants, I’m finally playing games in September that mean something. I can’t wait to get to the park. And I’m not alone. This clubhouse is buzzing five hours before the first pitch. You definitely feel a lot more sense of urgency right now. Every game feels like the most important game of the year – and that’s because it is. 
I look at where we are with the Padres, just three games back, and I can’t help but think back to losses early in the season. That’s a new experience for me, too. Those early losses never mattered before. But now those games – the ones you should have won – start eating at you. What if that game had gone a different way? You think about the guy sliding in to home who should have been called out. The double play that just missed and would have ended an inning. 
        Until now, I never fully appreciated how important EVERY game is, not just the ones in September. You lose a game early in the season and think, “Oh, well, there are so many games to go. We’ll get it back.” Then you get to toward the end of the season and you lose a game like Monday’s against the Rockies. If that happens in April, you’d think, “OK, this stinks, but we’ll get ’em tomorrow.” 
        When it happens this late, in such a tight race, you take it hard. This clubhouse was absolute silence after that game. That last inning, I hit the ball as hard as I can hit it and it doesn’t go out. Ishi hits the crap out the ball and it’s right to somebody. Same with Buster. Three hard hits and three outs. It’s one of those games that stays with you longer than others, but you have to shake it off and get ready for the next one.
         Which we did. That’s what I love about this team. We beat the Rockies Tuesday night and played one of the best games of the season last night. Timmy was awesome. Freddy Sanchez made a catch to end the game that I have never seen anyone make, ever. Darren Ford shows up in the middle of the game and runs around the bases like he has super-powers and scores the winning run.
That’s September baseball. 
This is going to be a hellacious road trip, and I mean that in the best possible way. Dodgers, Diamondbacks and Padres. I can’t wait.


  1. boogbite

    I think my favorite moment so far of you as a Giant (and it’s hard because there have been SO many!) was seeing yours and Pat’s reaction to the 8th inning run last night. The way you guys were smacking each other, while it seemed a little caveman-ish, was so joyous. I just love how every member of this Giants team celebrates everyone else’s successes and you all play like you’re kids again. It makes us fans enjoy every moment that much more. Thank you, Aubrey!

  2. orangejoy

    Keep going! You guys are going strong and we are all cheering for ya!
    Have a good road trip, BEAT LA! and take on the Padres! No fear!
    We will be here cheering when you return to the ball yard! can’t wait !


    Mr. Huff,
    I greatly appreciate your excitment and enthusiasm for this coming month of baseball. You are right that every game really counts and that Monday’s loss was devastating, but you and the rest of should really be commended for the way you all came back on Tuesday and yesterday. It was a joy watching all of you play, and I look forward to seeing more of the same the rest of the month and beyond! I hope you all do well on this coming road trip which you are so excited about :). I know you’ll be a big part of it if even just for your team spirit.

    By the way I loved watching your reaction to Ford’s scoring on TV. πŸ™‚ that’s a perfect example of what every team’s spirit should be like.


    You guys are gonna do it man. You have hundreds of thousands of people rooting for you every night. Not just the 40,000 in the seats. When something gets tight, everyone is on the edge of their seats just waiting for that one big hit or that one big strikeout. Even if you guys don’t go all the way, I can walk away from this season saying you guys played some damn good baseball no matter what.


    Keep it moving, Aubrey! You guys get some great wins to make up for those tough losses. September baseball, with the Giants in a pennant race — nothing makes me happier. Deliver the goods, Mr. Huff.

  6. sanbrunojess

    Mr. Huff,

    It’s been fun watching you play all year…there’s certain players that play the game hard and you’re sure one of them. I hope you finally get to experience the post-season..not just because you’re a Giant but because you deserve it! I’ll be at Petco on the 11th with some family & friends to see you guys beat the Padres!


    Huff Daddy,
    Thank you for sharing your excitement and insights. Anyone who has played on a contending team, regardless of the sport, can fully appreciate and relate to every word of this post. Thank you for what you have brought to the Giants. It is easy to see how much the younger players respect you, and feed off your tenacity and experience. Your bat has been instrumental in giving this team an offense presence. Like so many other Giants fans that can’t be at the games, I am glued to the TV or radio for every game, cheering my heart out for my Giants. The importance of this road trip can’t be overstated. With thirty games left, it’s not do or die, but it sure feels like it. Just keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll all be celebrating in October. Go Giants!


    Thanks for giving hope to this old Giants fan! (Since ’61) Reports from Phoenix back in March even indicated that this was going to be a special year! And you have helped greatly in making it so! It’s not merely your outstanding stats (including more BB’s than K’s), but you have demonstrated leadership via your actions and statements on a daily basis. Giants fans everywhere are taking note, and we applaud your enthusiasm!
    By the way, it appears that you must have studied some journalism in Miami, along with your “baseball major. ” Love the blog.
    Best wishes to you and all the Giants as you head on toward the playoffs. Nevi3002


    Hey Aubs!
    I can’t even begin to describe how much your attitude this year has reminded me (and I’m sure other fans) how much fun baseball is and can be. Your obvious enthusiasm and joy for the game and for this team are contagious and you’re one of the most exciting players I’ve ever watched. This team would be next to nowhere without you and it’s been great hearing about and reading about how great of a leader you are on and off the field. Keep up the good work, can’t wait till playoff time!

  10. nono104_sfg

    Huff Daddy Dollas’,
    Dude! One of the most exciting games last night. Timmy did really well. I loved it! You guys had me rolling. I think all us fans loved the reaction to “Scooter’s” (Ford) fly around the bases to score. AMAZING!! Some of us were wondering, “Where the heck did this kid come from?!” Classic!! No matter what happens on the road Huffy, keep your heads high. I want you boys to kick a**, don’t get me wrong, but don’t give those teams and their fans get the best of us. Your due Huffy! I feel it! Maybe against the Dodgers, Padres, AND the D-Backs. That would be fantabulous!! I’m always rooting for you boys and especially you Huffy. You have done so much for the team whether you believe it or not. We see it as fans. You rock Huffy!! Keep us posted on the happenings on the road.
    Luv ya!!
    GO GIANTS!!!
    BEAT LA!!!

  11. beatla415

    We love you Huff Daddy! You have brought SO much to this city and our team, you’re truly a life (game) saver! So awesome to see you excel and show your true talents! I play baseball (even though I’m a girl) and your truly an inspiration. I remember in one of your interviews, you said once you stopped stressing out about the game and just gave it your got it! I took that advice, and I’m now a more confident and successful player! Thank you for bring back fond memories of splash hits for us SF natives. Hope you stick around for a long time. Don’t worry about those loses, you and the boys have shown us so much promise this year. Thanks for making 2010 a fun and great season in SF baseball!

  12. telesilla

    Not only was I in Raleigh NC last night, but I had a migraine. Nevertheless through the wonders of the internet, I was able to lie there in a dark hotel room and listen to the game and wow am I glad I did. Fantastic game and it’s so exciting to see so much energy on a team that you can almost feel it through the radio.

    Good luck on the road! I hope the fact that there are tons of fans out there rooting for you and the team helps you Beat LA!


    Thank you for playing so hard! I am so excited to watch Giants baseball in September. We never know what to expect, but I know it’s going to be excited. I am a fourth grade teacher and my students are so excited to talk about the team!
    Aubrey, I enjoy watching your enthusiasm every game! Keep up the good work and my students and I are rooting for you and the team!
    N. Hillman

  14. obsessivegiantscompulsive

    Hard to add anything beyond what the others said, so I’ll first say “+1” to everything above.

    I just hope the Giants resign you, you have been a needed breath of fresh air, a nice jolt of energy and leadership.

    Go Giants! Beat LA, AZ, SD!!!

  15. 22gigantes


    Thanks for proving all the h8ers wrong. Many so-called Giants fans criticized Brian Sabean when he signed you last winter. It must feel good to have the last laugh. Those of us who are TRUE Giants fans are incredibly proud of the season you are having. And if i may say so, screw Adam LaRoche. I’d take you over him any day of the week. Your gritty, hard-nosed, hustle does not go unnoticed by us.

    Go get them Pads.

  16. sfdjs

    Keep up the great work Huff Dizzle , Were cheering for you until the end if we make it or not you guys been puttin in the work hard and already won with all the fans! ~ Dj King Assassin

  17. poknows

    I’m happy that September turned out to be such an exciting month for the GIANTS! I got my Giants gear on, and sporting them like Brian Wilson’s Orange shoes.
    Well keep your spirit up and hit a HR Aubrey Huff. Let’s beat LA and put an end to all their BS drama.

  18. crab

    Huffy, your the man! So glad to have you as a Giant this year and hopefully for many years to come! You have to be the most exciting, spirited Giant I’ve ever had the pleasure of cheering on in my 24 years years as a Giants fan on this earth. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us fans get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a major league ball player. It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear how a ball player really feels about games and situations and how the season’s going instead of the same old cliche’s that many over-paid professional athletes do these days. You rock brotha! Hey Joe! I think your taking the Huff/Burell thing a bit too far dude. We Giants fans catch enough slack for the SF ***** thing that it doesn’t really help our image with posts like that! I know you were trying to be funny but I almost gagged reading your post man. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Huff did as well πŸ˜‰ Keep up the great work Huff and GOOO GIANTS!!!! PLAYOFFS BABY!!!


    Ah the long ball returns to the giants and you started it off. Grats on the HR. Been a bit of a dry spell but i’m glad to see you swinging well again. Stay calm and relaxed like the huff we know and love. whooo! go for 25+ Hr’s and aim for 100 if ya can! if not stay in sf and do it next year XP lol thanks for reading if you do


    You really are the best athlete on the team!! I love watching you play. We have so many great guys this year, I love them all, but you’re my favorite!!! Are you coming back to the Giants next year? Please say yes, you’re gunna carry us to the playoffs!! What do you think of Buster Posey? Is the Padres’ losing streak helping motivate you guys? Do you think you have a better shot at the division or Wild Card? I love you Huff daddy!!!!!!


    lol for the record I meant get around 27-28 hr’s and 100 rbi’s as a goal =p I know you’ve missed more than your fair share of HR’s in SF but if you stick around you’ll be with the best fans in the world.!! do your best and help the SF giants win their first ever world series! we will never forget your hard work and the way you play the field! You’ve got the heart of one of those players that will go down in history as the greatest players along with the talent to make it true. So please make SF your home until you retire!! Whoooo 2010 is the year of the giants and aubrey huff! and I know it’s not me but whenever I post for you to take a deep breath and relax you get some HR’s! last time it was 3 this time so far it’s been 2. So keep it up! take a deep breath and relax knowing even if you don’t drive in those runs pat, posey, uribe, and eve freddy sanchez can do it to! whoo! giants baby!


    Forget today’s loss! Now you guys KNOW you can crush the Padres and win the division! Do you still want your old teams to do well? Do you feel more confident in day games or night games? Do you know if Tim Lincecum has a girlfriend? πŸ™‚ Important questions! I love you Huffy, go take over the division tomorrow!

  23. jiharu

    Horrible display of professionalism and an inconsistent strike zone called by Crawford today. The Madres post game celebration gets me fired up especially when the 5 fans they have try to abuse the term “first place.” The Giants will be fine and the Madres are toast after their road trip. Great game by MadBum and Go Timmy.

  24. limbsickem

    Hey Aubrey,

    I’m a huge giants fan and I am thrilled to find your blog. Its great to be tied for the division lead in september with only 18 games to go. I have a feeling it will come down to us and the padres in the final series in october. You have been great for this team and I hope you will seize your first opportunity in the playoffs so that we can have another shot at the world series! I will never forget 2002 when we were leading 5-0 in the 7th inning in Game 6 and our bullpen blew it. However, this year, it’s exciting to see so many great hitters and defensive starters like you, Burrell, Torres, and Posey emerge out of nowhere to have great years in 2010. You’ve been fun to watch at the plate too ever since you’re inside-the-park home run. I like how you do the “tall man” pose after hitting a home run or double off the wall by standing up straight.

    I also have a question: Are you naturally left-handed or right-handed? I am naturally left-handed but when I played ball when I was younger I would always throw right because I felt more comfortable catching with my left hand.

  25. azgiantsfan


    Congrats on the new baby to you, your wife and the big brother!

    You’ve been a joy to watch this year with the Giants. I’ve never seen anyone give their opinion on balls vs. strikes so often, usually without saying a word, and it makes me laugh.

    Enjoy the rest of September baseball, and hopefully beyond….


    CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby!! Jagger Huff. With a name like that, he’s GOT to follow in daddy’s footsteps!! Where does the name Jagger come from?

    ENJOY the new bundle of joy! I hope baby, mom and big brother are doing well!


  27. boogbite

    Congrats, Huff DADDY! hope the boys and mama are doing well. Fantastic instincts going for home in the eighth, that run paid off huge.


    Congratulations on your new baby boy. May you all be healthy, and happy. And what great ball you’re playing, hitting and a mean first base!!!

  29. nono104_sfg

    Huff Daddy,

    Congrats on your new baby boy! I wish the best for you and your family. So many memories to look forward to with a new baby. Your the bombdizzle! Take Care Huff! ~Nora~
    Go Giants!!

  30. awarren75


    You’re “finally playing games in September that mean something”??? What about LAST September, when you seemingly contracted gelatin arms for the Tigers, batting .189 with 2 homers in 40 games, helping the team blow its 7-game lead with 21 games left??? While that’s not all on you, it would be NICE if you at least acknowledge that as recently as LAST SEASON you were in a division pennant race.

    -Non-forgetful Tigers Fan

  31. obsessivegiantscompulsive

    Congats, Huff Daddy, on being a father again. Lack of sleep sucks, but that’s the territory, plus it didn’t seem to bother you much in the last game against Dodgers. :^) Plus nice road trip starting Monday.

    You a Stones’ fan?

    I noticed in recent photos that you shaved your van dyke off. I swear you looked like Willem Dafoe in one of them! Was this part of changing things up (like the thong) or you just got tired of it?


    I LOVE YOU! You guys are doing awesome, way to take control of the division!! Everyone’s doing great lately. Really great to see Burrell in the lineup again. Were you guys worried about how you would do without Torres? Is he doing OK? At this point do you guys consider the Padres or the Rockies a bigger threat? Do you think some of the guys are trying a little too hard to be the hero of the game? Hope you answer some of my MANY questions! If not, I’m super excited just to have MY post on YOU’RE blog! πŸ™‚ I LOVE YOU HUFF DADDY!!!!


    Hey Huff,

    I’m looking forward to your next post! Congrats on the new baby. Must be busy with the new baby and the race for the pennant, but I hope you won’t forget how much we all love hearing your insider scoop on the Giants.

    I’m hoping that you’ll continue blogging through postseason! Don’t quit on us! Thanks!


    huff daddy,
    whoo! Swept the d-backs! Not too shabby! you can do it this weekend! Every one’s really pulling through when we need them most! A question: will you marry me?? πŸ™‚ Go for the sweep against the padres! I got tickets to the playoffs, I know were going to make!
    GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!


    I LOVE YOU HUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. boogbite

    Congrats, Huff, we LOVE YOU!!!! Can’t wait to see you at the yard this Friday for some October Baseball. XOXO hope you are enjoying this celebration more than you ever thought possible!! I know I AM!!


    huff daddy,
    i love yooooooou!!!!!!!!! I’m comin to watch you guys on thursday!!! I’ll be screaming “HUFF DADDYYYY!!!!!!!!!” πŸ™‚ c’mon you know you can dominate these guys!!!!! SOOOOO glad you finally made it to postseason, and your teammates are too! I cried when Wilson got that final out!!! πŸ˜€ WHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    CONGRATS HUFF!!The fans at AT&T Park had such a great vibe all season long, and that sparked from you guys in the clubhouse no doubt. I am proud to be a fan and wear my bright orange nail polish all week long!! πŸ™‚ This has to be one of the greatest years in your career, and life I’m sure. Welcoming a new baby and making the playoffs.. I don’t think it gets any better for you right now. I was looking forward to your interview after the game ended most because I knew this would mean the most to you, and I was right.Every time I went to AT&T Park this season, you never let me down. Thank you for all your hits, your defense, your homers (including the inside the park-er!) and most importantly for your veteran presence and knowledge. I hope the Giants ask you to come back next year and I really hope you say yes. You have been an amazing asset to the team and without you, who knows where we’d be.Congrats to you again, and GOOD LUCK against Atlanta on Thurs! πŸ™‚


    Congratulations!!! I know this is what you were playing for and it’s just what all your fans wanted for you and the team too. Welcome to October baseball : )

    Also, thanks so much for staying late to sign some baseballs last Thursday, even though it was cold out there in front of Mijita…and you were still wearing your flip-flops. It made for a great memory for my little baseball player and it was just that much more fun seeing you on TV after getting to see you up close and personal. I meant every word. It’s been a blast watching you have fun out there. Keep doing what you’re doing…
    rally thong and all!


    love you!!! i love your radio show! you have an awesome voice for that! soo excited that your not leavin baseball even when you retire in 11….12 year? πŸ™‚ When do you think you’re going to retire? Are you wearing your rally thong to the playoffs?? πŸ˜‰ cant wait!!
    your biggest fan!!


    Hey Mr. HuffDaddySir,
    I don’t know if I’m more exited for me or for you! I’ve been a fan since before you got to San Francisco and I knew you would gel with this club. Thank You, Thank You. I’ll be at the ballpark on Friday for Game 2. See you there YOU BIG STUD! GO GIANTS!

  42. giantfan

    Aubrey….to you and the organization, enjoy the post season! There are eight teams remaining that can enjoy this while the other 22 would want to change places with you in a heartbeat. Good luck against the Braves and hopefully beyond!


    I’m counting down the seconds till postseason starts!!! Can’t wait to see you guys dominate! do you think zito should be included on the roster? I do. Zito’s an awesome pitcher. He’s had a few rough starts, but so have the rest of the starters.. Doesn’t mean they can’t pitch. Zito’s still the bomb! And my huff daddy’s still the best athlete on the team! I love you huff!!!!!!! Win the World Series for SF for the first time!! Whoo! love you!

  44. nono104_sfg

    Hey Huff Daddy Dollas’!

    I don’t know if your still reading these comments, I know you have got to be beyond busy and over the moon with the WIN!!! Next stop… Philadelphia for the NLCS BABY!! WOOT!!!

    “Don’t waste the beer bro’!” May very well be my favorite quote from you. LOL! I felt the need to tell you how proud I am of this team and the organization. I am very proud to be a fan. I always have been, but I can’t help but feel the overwhelming sense of PRIDE for this team. I said it all season and I’ll say it again… This is a special group of guys here. I never doubted! Have faith in the Torture. You have to become one with it. People said Torture ends all bad, but depending on the person (or in this case team), you can overcome the Torture. Giants baseball is not for the faint of heart. Oh no… It can only be handled by the true die-hards and players.

    Well… Huffy, I just wanted to give my 2 cents here. I hope you don’t mind. I love you guys! You boys ROCK!! Aubrey, I think your a key guy there in the clubhouse. You keep up what your doing. I’ll keep watching from home and enjoying every moment torturous or not!

    GO GIANTS!!!!

  45. grabsomepinemeat

    Aubrey when I see you take the field I am reminded of those great greasy burgers at the Waffle House not far from Cherry Lane. I went to college there and I think it’s a great town “to be from”…….It would just be lovely if we could welcome those Rangers here for the series and then open a can of whip *** and show them what pitching and defense does for a baseball team. What a steady rock you have been for us……..Mr Money! Oh and by the way I’m buying more tickets and urging management to give you “whatever you want” in a two year deal……so come buy a home in Tiburon and “kick up your feet and stay awile”


    Have you ever considered becoming a professional singer? I’m obsessed with this recording of you singing “Letters from home”. I think you’re better than the original singer of that song! πŸ™‚ You could totally make it singing. You have an AWESOME voice and a HUGE fan base already.. Just an idea for after you retire! πŸ˜‰ You’re a stud Huff daddy!! Love the Rally thong! Good luck in the NLCS!!!!!


    Hi Aubrey,

    I appreciate the time you’re taking, out your busy schedule, to write about things that are important to you. I also wish to commend you on an awesome effort you brought to the table during tonight’s game. That homerun…pure awesomeness.
    I most definitely agree with you that there is much team spirit happening in this ballclub, none like I’ve ever since in such a long while. Every one brings in their share to help the team in any way they can.

    The Giants is the team I’ve grown up with. Good luck with tomorrow’s game, and I look forward to the day you and the team return glowing with SF pride!

    Aubrey Huff[s], and he puffs, and he blows this ball away! HOME RUN!!!

  48. leftydana

    Aubrey Huff, you are one CLASS ACT. I saw your press conference with Andres Torres last night after Game 4 of the World Series. You had just hit the game-winning home run, the biggest hit of your life, I’m sure, and instead of making it all about you, you noticed that Andres was getting ignored by the reporters or that when they did say something to him, there were language barriers. So a couple of different times, you pointed to him–the sparkplug, the firestarter, the Willie Mac winner (and that totally could have been you, too).

    I love Torres and he had a great game, but it was more your moment than his, and you graciously made sure he got to share it. I also saw your interview where you were sharing the love with MadBum and Posey, too.

    We bleed orange and black and we loved your home run because of what it meant for the game, the team, and the fans, but we loved it because of what it meant for YOU, too.

    We just wanted you to know how much we admire and respect you, and with all the excitement–the win, MadBum’s unbelievable pitching, Posey’s home run, Freddy’s defense–we still noticed how you comported yourself after the game. No wonder your teammates love you, and no wonder you’ve made such a huge difference to our Giants this year. God bless you and your wife and babies, and I hope you get as much joy out of all this as you have given to us.

  49. deirdre

    Much deserved congratulations to you Aubrey!!!! You persevered and bolstered the clubhouse through it all. My 9 year old son has been your fan since the beginning of the season. From time to time I would point out that maybe some other player was coming through a little better but he always defended your play. I went to the Dugout store four times this season for an Aubrey jersey or something for my son but they were always only selling other players. Each time I came home and told Dylan what other players he could have but he said no. Last week they even added Cody Ross and Bumgarner shirts for kids. But he resolutely preferred nothing over an Aubrey Huff jersey/T Shirt so he has nothing. I have to say that I admire his single mindedness.

    Hope to see you at the parade tomorrow!


    huff daddy,
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAN FRANCISCO WON IT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY WHOLE FAMILY WAS IN TEARS!!!!! i LOVE how sweet you were to torres when the stupid reporters were ignoring him. that took an incredible person and a lot of bravery. im SURE that a happy little guy like him is just overwhelmed with gratitude, you’re probably his hero!!!!!! i know you’re mine!!!! i love how you threw your glove and how burrell pulled you over to the side for a big hug on your celebration on the field. i love your spunk your humor your charisma your voice your athleticism and your personality!!!!!!!!!!! i love the sf giants and i love you aubrey huff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you at the parade tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. star1135

    CONGRATULATIONS! You guys are awesome! Thanks for a great season and world series! Soooooo happy we finally won! =)


    OMG HEY HUFF!!!! I SAW YOU AT THE PARADE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I SAW YOUR THONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG SOOOOOOO EXCITING I LOVE THE THONG!!!!!!!! THAT WAS JUST AS BOUT AS EXCITING AS BECOMING WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU HUFF AND I LOVE THE THONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. boogbite

    Hey Aubrey, how about just 1 post WS post for us…. We love you and are so happy for you and the whole team. BEST Giants team ever. THANK YOU.


    Congratulations to you and the entire team on an amazing season and for winning the World Series!!! We were there with you all the way on an unforgettable ride that will live in history. You guys are the BEST! GO GIANTS!!!!!


    Congratulations! Be assured that your 9 years of baseball elsewhere are gone…. for us, you will forever be a Giant!


    huff daddy,
    WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feels INCREDIBLE for me, cant even IMAGINE how awesome it feels for you!! Incredible year Huffy! Look at the team stats, you played in the most games, 157, had the most at bats, 569, the most runs, 100, the most hits, 165, the most total bases, 288, the most homeruns, 26, the most rbis, 86, the most walks, 83, highest on base%, .385, best slugging%, .506, and bat .290. I suppose you could say we didnt have a big hitter this year. Or you could also say that ol’ Aubrey Huff came out of nowhere and crushed the ball to lead SF to their first victory ever!!!!!!!!! the numbers don’t lie huffy, you’re the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME YEAR!!!!!!
    p.s. you BETTER be coming back next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SF loves you and your thong!!!!!( a pic of you eating it at the parade is the wallpaper on my computer haha never get old!)

  57. lowlyofficegopher

    Welcome Back! I am Delighted to learn that you have signed a 2-year contract to stay with the Giants, and I look forward to seeing you in the starting lineup in 2011 AND 2012. πŸ™‚


    Congratulations on your great year, and I am thrilled that you will be back. Hope your babies are doing well, and Spring training can’t come too soon for me. You probably are enjoying your down time, though. Thanks for such a great season, and I just love your sense of humor!


    Thanks again for a great season!! So, so glad to read that you’ll be back next year. The team hasn’t been the same since you joined (in a good way, obviously), and I’m sure a tiny little piece of every Giants fan would’ve died if you’d left us. Thanks so much for sticking around!! Enjoy your well-deserved time off!!


    SOOOO happy you’re coming back for another two years!!!!!!! I was, of course, wearing my Huff shirt, and I cried when i got the news, I’m sure you’re thrilled!!!!!!! You REALLY deserve it! I really liked Buster Posey’s little speech at the parade on November 3rd. “World Series Champions. Let’s enjoy this today, tomorrow, for a week, maybe even a month. Then let’s get back to work and make another run at it.” I thought that was really cool. He makes a good point to stay focused and not be too distracted by the 2010 victory. But I’m sure you will be strolling confidently into spring training with your thong, and all will be well. I’m going to Spring Training next year and I CANNOT get over how excited I am to meet some of the guys!!!!!!!!! I’m mostly excited about seeing you, Timmy, Freddy, Torres, Wilson, Posey…. Well I suppose that list could go on and on… πŸ™‚ Point is, I’m SOOOOO happy for you and your TWO YEAR contract, can’t wait to see you play next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and how bout one post over the off-season?? I listened to you on KNBR today and tried to call in, but didn’t make it through.. Hope it works out that you get your homerun ball from Texas!! CONGRATS CHAMP!!!!!!!!

  61. boogbite

    I got married this year. My bachelorette party was at AT&T (Buster’s first game of the season). My hubby’s bachelor party was at Spring Training. We went on a honeymoon baseball roadtrip, visiting 8 stadiums, on which we went to Cooperstown and saw 2 Giants gems in DC. I even got a shout out from Kruk and Kuip for my sign: “Huff! Hit one for the Honeymooners!”. My hubby and I even joked that if I got pregnant during the honeymoon we’d name our baby Aubrey.

    I consider this World Series victory the best wedding present I could ever have received. Thanks, Seρor Huff for making 2010 the best year ever for my family and I. We’re so glad you’ll be back for 2 more!


    Huff Daddy,
    Happy birthday, champ!!!!!!! My whole family loves you, and we’re baking you a birthday cake!! πŸ˜‰ No one can call themselves a Giants fan if they don’t love you! Awesome job all year, including postseason!! Can’t wait to see you at spring training, I’m counting down the days! I love you Huffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. sfgiant

    Whats Up HUFF DADDY! I wanted to do something really awesome this year when u were in Right field. Next year my buddies and i are going to create the Huff SQuad! When were sittin on the wall in right. I know it will get you more fired up! haha.

    You The man!!

  64. sfgiant

    Whats Up HUFF DADDY! I wanted to do something really awesome this year when u were in Right field. Next year my buddies and i are going to create the Huff SQuad! When were sittin on the wall in right. I know it will get you more fired up! haha.

    You The man!!


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!! Christmas for kids is really magical, hope yours had a good one!! You’re the best Huff Daddy!!


    Aubrey Huff Daddy,
    Spring Training’s coming up, are you ready?? You guys can do this again, back to back championship years!! C’mon, how bout one last post? If not, maybe during next season, you’ll have a lot to talk about! Plus there’s a lot of questions to be answered on here! Like, d you think Pablo Sandoval will be back for 2011? Do you think Tejada will effect the clubhouse chemistry? What do you think about Uribe going to join the enemy? If I get to see you at Spring Training, my life will be complete!! I love you Huff Daddy!!


    I went to fanfest today, why weren’t you there?? That was the only downside to it, not seeing you!!!! It was an incredible turnout though, over 50,000 people. Zito signed a game-used ball for me, which was the first autograph I’ve ever gotten myself from a player. He’s awesome! He’s my favorite pitcher, and you’re my favorite everyday player!! I love you Huff Daddy!! See you at Spring Training!!


    Hey Huffy!
    Headin out to Arizona tomorrow! If I could meet you, life would be complete!!!!!! Best weekend ever comin up here, cant wait to see you kick butt! love you Huff daddy!!

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